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Phil Martin
Golfer, Brit & Sports Lover

Phil joined Health Quotes USA in 2007 and is an Agency Principal. Phil has over 10 years’ experience in the insurance industry and has been recognized nationally by United HealthOne, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN. Originally from Wales, you’ll notice that Phil speaks with a slightly different twang from the rest of us. He enjoys being outdoors, hiking, golfing and running. Phil is married with three young boys and loves to travel and with his family.

Bob Brow
Husband, Dad & Sports Nerd

Bob started his insurance career in 2000 and  founded Health Quotes  USA in 2003. He originally worked at United HealthOne, a part of United Healthcare, where he broke all their records before leaving to set up on his own. Bob is an Agency Principal, he has been married to his better half for 20 years, and has three teenagers - two that drive! He loves to spend time with his family golfing and watching some of their favorite shows, like Seinfeld, the Middle, and most ball games. He calls coffee a “big deal” in his household.

Joan Terry
Dog Lover, Volunteer & Music Enthusiast

Joan graduated with her MBA from Murray State University in 2008 and has since worked in the Insurance and Medicare industry. She enjoys going on walks with her dog, seeing live music, and spending time with her niece and nephews. She is also a volunteer at Youth Life Learning Center, a faith-based intensive after school center for children in intercity neighborhoods.


Trysh Hill
Singer, Musician & Full of Energy

When Trysh is not on stage singing and entertaining crowds, she enjoys tasting wines from all over the world. Originally from Washington State, Trysh's goal is to have a vineyard of her own one day. Trysh is bubbly, outgoing and enthusiastic and brings a lot of positive energy to our office. She loves, dancing and working out as well as biking and hiking.


Karen Kerner
Mother, Sister & Adventurer

It's hard to believe but Karen has over 10 years’ experience specializing in Individual Health Insurance, including 6 years working for United HealthOne.Whenever Karen is asked about what her interests are, she responds: “Whatever my kids are doing!” Karen is married and the mother of two boys. She enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, camping, hiking, boating and traveling, and spending time with her family, nieces and nephews.